Thursday, September 18, 2008

XO Give One Get One - Round Two

As I was looking for some information on running the XO laptop in text mode, I stumbled across this page in the OLPC wiki:
One Laptop per Child is launching its second 'Give One, Get One' (G1,G1) program starting in November, 2008, delivering its XO Laptop globally via Although the first iteration of the 'G1G1' program was extremely successful and sold more than 185,000 laptops, the delivery of the laptops in the USA did not run as smoothly as we anticipated. Selling the laptops on will provide us with the resources to process and ship the laptops globally in a timely fashion.

The laptop's operating system will be Linux-based (it will not dual-boot Windows and Linux, contrary to some reports).

If you've been thinking about getting one of these little green machines, it looks like the window will open once again. I wrote about the program last year. (Here is a list of all posts I've made on the XO Laptop.)

As for running in text mode, I've settled for using the terminal by pressing ctrl-fn-alt-1. To switch back to the normal view. press ctrl-fn-alt-3. For some reason, I can only start screen as root.

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