Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Revived Project

q12 is back!

I'm slowly starting back up again on my note taking wiki application. I created my own version of TiddlyWiki several months ago, but then started working on other projects. I'm planning to rewrite my note taking Ajax application to run on Google App Engine, and as I was getting started I realized that there were a few things missing from the Ajax library that I had written as part of this project.

I had created my own simple unit test framework in JavaScript, and I finally got around to uploading the unit tests for the library to the open source project. I've also been learning about manipulating browser cookies from within JavaScript. Aside: Cookie's in JavaScript are weird! When you say document.cookie = something, reading document.cookie doesn't give you the same thing back (the expiration, domain, and path information are squirreled away somewhere else).

I've also added a minified version of the q12 library, it weighs in at a mere 10k. Download the library today!

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