Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New version of my Dirt Simple CMS

I have just uploaded "version 2" of the dirt simple content management system which I developed almost a year ago. For those who don't recall, scud-cms is an extremely thin layer on top of App Engine with a plain text box based editor for creating web pages. The only new feature in this release is the ability to page through all of the content in your app by visiting the /content_lister page. I implemented the pagination system using "key only" queries and order-by-key which are fairly recent features in App Engine. For more potential designs to page through datastore entities, see this article on pagination.

I was inpired to work on this in part by a comment from Jason Worley (swirleydude on twitter) who has been using it and appears to like it quite a bit. At some point I plan to do a version 3 release which will include file uploads (great for images) just as Jason has done in his own modifications. Having someone use your software, enjoy it, tweak it, and build on it is rewarding in a way which is quite unique.

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