Thursday, March 05, 2009


I never dreamed that I too would be undergoing septoplasty just a few short months after Joe Greogorio had his operation. It turns out I had a pretty severely deviated septum which likely contributed to the annual sinus infections which I have been experiencing. My allergist recommended I have this operation to straighten the inside of my nose, as my left nasal passage was almost completely blocked near the bridge of my nose. In looking for a possible sinus infection I had a CT scan of my sinuses which revealed just how severe the deviation was. By the way, looking at a slice by slice cross section of your own head is fascinating.

This past Wednesday I had the surgery and I will have the stitches and splints removed next Tuesday. It's been a bit different than I expected. I anticipated some pain but, surprisingly, the part that hurts most is my upper front teeth. I also didn't expect quite so much bleeding. In any case, I'm not feeling too bad and I am looking forward to the long term benefits. Also, this has been my first experience BWOV (blogging while on vicodin).


Joe said...

Glad to hear you're doing good, take it slow and easy!

Benjamin P Lee said...

Also glad to hear your doing well. I hope it helps.

Jeff Scudder said...

Thanks all. Feeling much better now after five days and the pain is much less. Can't wait to get these splints/paddles removed ;-)