Tuesday, April 17, 2007

China Trip - Part 4

We begin this installment of our ongoing series on our China trip in my favorite location. The Lingering Garden is a masterpiece of architecture and oriental style gardens complete with bonsai trees (However, it was devoid of bonsai kittens). I'm not surprised that Chinese poets came to this garden to find inspiration in beautiful Suzhou. I could have easily spent a few more hours walking around the pond and I can't believe that the entire complex of gardens and buildings once belonged to one family.

The third picture in this post is from the leaning Huqiu Tower in Suzhou. The brick work on the structure was amazing and it is older than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Vanessa took this one from a plaza to the side of the tower. Next time, I'll write about the very end of our trip in Hangzhou and Shanghai.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, Thank you!! Part of my train ride I didn't blog was my conversation with a Chinese engineer. He was very nice, very interesting, and invited us to come to China. After seeing your blog, the trip has moved up the list!! Great pictures!! (don't you just hate that when you set a precedent with two exclamation points and then try to use one and it almost looks like you're dissing someone)!!!

Jeff Scudder said...

Thank you Uncle!!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures and narrative. I recommend a visit, but be prepared, you will get tired of Chinese food. (I know, I thought it was impossible too.) I think that exclamation points are grossly under-used!!!!