Sunday, March 01, 2009

Two Guys Arguing - Five Questions

I noticed that my friend Ben is participating in a new blog named Two Guys Arguing (in addition to blogs one two and three :-) and I thought I'd piggy back on a recent ice-breaker post.
  1. What are you currently hacking on?
  2. What are you currently getting better at?
  3. What do you do when your computer is asleep?
  4. Describe that ‘big fish’ project that’s been stewing in your brain.
  5. What are you gonna post about this coming week?

On to the answers:
  1. As a small part of my day job I'm currently working on a rewrite of significant portions of the gdata-python-client to support version two of the Google Data API protocol (check out the v2 branch).
  2. I've been trying to focus on writing speedier unit tests. Unit testing is great, but sometimes it is necessary to write end to end tests which can take a rather long time to run. Slow tests are run less often, so I've been thinking of some ways to cache some of the more expensive pieces of these end to end tests while still preserving their utility.
  3. Playing with Claire is easily one of my favorite non-computer related activities. I have a wonderful wife who keeps me company and there's nothing like relaxing with the family. Aside from the yard work, remodeling, and other house related items, I do very much enjoy playing guitar now and again. I even have a somewhat regular weekly gig.
  4. I have a few side projects I like to hack on here and there in my spare time. One of them I've been thinking more about recently is a computer language I've decided to call "Headspace". I wanted to try an experiment and see what the effects would be of applying the rule of seven to programming.
  5. I've been planning to write a bit about the surgery I've recently undergone so stay tuned ;-)
Two Guys Arguing seems like it's off to a great start and I look forward to reading along.


Benjamin P Lee said...

Thanks for the shout-out ;-)

I hope everything is ok regarding the surgery and look forward to hearing more about your side project s.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea my co-blogger was such a prolific blog-abandoner! j/k, Ben.

Jeff, your blog definitely made its way into my RSS reader, I'm finding some really cool stuff in the vault. Thanks for taking the bait on my first post :)

Jeff Scudder said...

Hi Ben and Nate. Glad you enjoyed the post and the archive on the ol bloggo. I noticed a new follower on Twitter as well :-)