Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In praise of Haikus

Programmers are no strangers to strict requirements on form and syntax, so working in the poetic medium of the Haiku comes almost naturally.

Programming is fun.
Little virtual widgets.
Poems that do work.

The brevity and compactness of the haiku lends itself well to writing something tighly focused. I find them quite enjoyable to write.

Of course, there are quite a few other poetic structures of note which can offer a fun challenge. The limerick and the sonnet are two of my favorites. Here's a limerick I wrote (beware, obscure programming reference ahead).

There once was a coder named Chuck.
And through all the source code he snuck.
  He changed not a line,
  it all worked just fine:
he programmed by punching a duck!

A sonnet would be a bit ambitious for this late hour. So unleash your creativity, let's see what you've got.


amcclosky said...

Well I am not up for any literary en devours at the moment but i did get a kick out of this:


I can't decide which is my favorite:

Entropy’s Apprentice


Eviscerating Certain Modules Which Made Themselves Ready And Willing To Be My Most Humble Prey

amcclosky said...

lol firefox spell check has betrayed me... I mean't "endeavours"

Jeff Scudder said...

Yes I had happened across that list as well. Some of the names make no sense what-so-ever but these were a few of my favorites:

A Double Backflip With A Slight Change Of Functionality

Attempting To Exercise Just A Fraction Of The Lawlessness And Lack Of Discipline Which We All First Learned From Why The Lucky Stiff
(I'm guessing that this references http://poignantguide.net/ruby/)

Jeff Scudder said...

I just saw this on programming.reddit.com: