Monday, December 04, 2006

Wii have a Wii

This weekend my wife and I joined some friends to wait in line to buy a Nintendo Wii. My friend m3tus had a hot tip that the local Circuit City had exactly 27 units which they were going to sell on Sunday morning. Vanessa and I arrived at 2:30 AM for place number 18 in line. (Two friends of ours had arrived earlier.) It was quite cold, but we came prepared with a tent, sleeping bags, camp chairs, and quite a few layers of clothes. We even managed to catch some zzz's in the wee (wii?) hours of the morning. I think line member number 27 arrived at 4:30. He almost left, but Vanessa told him that the two of us were only getting one, so he would be the last to get one.

A couple of trips to a 24 hour Safeway and a nap later, some of the Circuit city employees arrived to hand out vouchers. I think it was around 8:00 AM (the store opens at 10:00). We packed up our gear and hit Denny's! Ah sweet food.

We returned to the store to find a long line of customers all waiting to get a Wii and Wii accessories. Some employees announced that they had already given out vouchers, and that all ticket holders should move to the front and form their own line. They called out tickets in order and we paid for our Wiis. My friend m3tus wanted to make sure that no one tried to take his. So he claimed it the old fashioned way and licked it! This would have made a great picture, I wish I had known he was going to do it. The whole line had a good laugh. Then it was time to head home and get some proper sleep. Are we getting too old for this?

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amcclosky said...

I want a wii!!! Also, you will be one of the first to know when I launch SearchTrackr. :)