Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Back on the Internet

It's good to be back on the Internet. My wonderful wife and I relocated a couple of weeks ago to our new domicile and our connection was set up today. A lot had happened while I was out. The facebook newsfeed situation was addressed, new Strong Bad emails were released, and, best of all, my uncle Doug signed up on myspace and has written a mighty fine blog (rss feed). It seems that my return to cyberspace was none too soon:

So, I've been on myspace for a couple of days now. My profile echos when it loads, a soft lonely sound. Tom's still smiling away like a leprechaun (I should be having so much fun), lovin' you Tom, you haven't removed yourself from my page, yet. Off in the distance I hear crickets or is that my knees? Anyway, I'm waiting in breathless anticipation for at least my wack-job nephew and his lovely, vivacious bride to answer my request to be their friend. Maybe someone in an induced stupor of some sort will accidently stumble upon my page and be touched by my incessant whining and think to themselves "that poor bastidge, I'm gonna be that fargin' Snuncle_Fudge's friend!!"*

Good show Uncle!

* Quoted directly from Doug's blog, a Doug's blog production, copyright Doug 2006, all rights reserved, available for a limited time only, while supplies last, act now and get two for the price of one, a $50 value for only $19.99.

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